the right camera for your working environment

Choosing the right camera for your working environment

7 Jun 2022 Audio & Visual Interactive Technology Room Management Technology
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A recent survey by Slack of 9000 workers in 6 countries reported that of the 9,000 workers in six countries surveyed found that 72% prefer a hybrid remote-office model with only 12% preferring to always work in an office setting. These stats aren’t really any surprise with the majority of workers seeing the benefits of hybrid working such as a better life/work balance.

But with most of us now having at least 2 places where we work from (home and the office), there is an increased need to ensure that people can transition seamlessly between work locations, with the ability to do their job as effectively wherever they choose to work from.

There is also an increased requirement for video-enabled spaces in the office as the trend for collaboration over video continues to increase as businesses move from traditional meeting rooms to flexible or huddle spaces. As technology adoption increases, it is imperative that companies select the right solutions that are easy to adopt and ultimately intuitive for staff to use, no one wants to waste the first 10 minutes of a meeting getting technology to work. But choosing the right tech solutions for hybrid working can be daunting, so we have selected our top video collaboration solutions for effective hybrid meetings to share with you.

Home office and remote environments

1 – Home office and remote environments

At the start of the pandemic, the webcam market exploded, with everyone rushing to buy cheap web cameras to improve the visual experience above that of a laptop camera.
But as we continue to work remotely, employees need to ensure they have a great video experience by investing in an enterprise-grade conferencing 4K camera with an in-built speakerphone, meaning that they can be clearly seen and heard by others joining the meeting. There are a plethora of options available on the market, but our favourites are the Yealink UVC34, an all in one video bar that instantly connects via a USB cable for a plug and play experience or the Poly Studio P15 personal video bar, featuring automatic camera framing and a powerful audio experience.

Huddle spaces or small meeting rooms

2 – Huddle spaces or small meeting rooms

With an estimated 50M huddle spaces globally, huddle rooms are ideal for small group meetings of between 2-5 people. Enabling your space with video collaboration technology and wireless sharing devices instantly transforms these smaller spaces into multi-purpose, flexible environments for more dynamic hybrid meetings. The Huddly IQ is designed for the huddle space, featuring a 4K sensor, wide-angle lens and genius framing to make the meeting experience feel natural by smoothly zooming in on the room participants, making remote participants instantly engaged and part of the conversation. The Poly Studio is a premium USB video bar with simple USB connectivity, making it an IT manager’s dream and is certified for use with both Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Its sister product, the Poly Studio X30 delivers boardroom-quality performance, all wrapped up in an easy-to-deploy video bar. With support for all leading cloud video platforms built-in, there is no need for an additional PC or Mac device while wireless sharing allows users to collaborate straight from their devices to the soundbar.
Logitech offers a number of solutions designed for the small meeting room or huddle space. Choose from the MeetUp, an all-in-one conference camera with an ultra-wide lens, designed specifically for small meeting spaces or the Rally Bar Mini, featuring an innovative dual-camera system with optical zoom and AI Viewfinder for an immersive video experience.

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3 – Mid to large meeting rooms

In the medium to larger meeting rooms and executive spaces, it is critically important to ensure that each meeting participant has the same experience, regardless of whether they are accessing the meeting in-room or remotely. There are a number of options to improve the meeting room experience for all. The Logitech Rally bar family offers two fantastic solutions for larger meeting spaces, choose from the Rally Bar – an ultra-HD video conferencing bar that integrates beautifully with all major cloud-based platforms or the Rally Plus is a modular video conferencing solution for large meeting spaces.
Partner your Logitech Rally solution with the Logitech Tap and make joining video meetings a simple experience with a network-connected touch controller.

The Poly Studio X50 is the perfect addition to mid-size meeting rooms while its big brother, the Poly Studio X70 is the ideal accompaniment for larger conference spaces, both delivering crystal clear audio and a stunning video experience that feels completely intuitive. With intelligent camera framing and NoiseBlockAI technology, your meetings will be next level.

As the trend for video meetings and collaboration continues, it’s never been more important to ensure that everyone is seen and heard in meetings. We hope that you have found this article useful when choosing the right video collaboration solution for your meeting space.

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