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In our increasingly connected world, we’ve got used to seeing digital signage in all areas of life. Digital signs are used to display information, advertising and entertainment at places like sports grounds, shops, shopping centres, food outlets, gyms, airports and Reception areas.

Screens can be any size, from a tablet, to a TV monitor, to large video walls.

Digital signage has become popular because it’s more engaging than static signage such as printed posters. The use of different graphics and the constant refreshing of the image attracts attention and also ensures your message is always up to date. This means your message can be simple or complex, appearing as stand-alone information or something that tells a story by the rotation of the text and images. Over the last few years we have seen a huge increase for digital signage displays throughout the corporate sector.

What is digital signage used for? 

Digital signage is used in a variety of ways for a variety of purposes:

Information – digital signage is perfect for displaying up-to-the-minute information and messages, such as scheduled departures and arrivals at airports and stations, share prices at financial institutions, and information at GP surgeries, hospitals, universities and hotels.

Advertising – digital advertising is a hugely effective way of attracting attention, whether it’s at your local bus stop, alongside the escalators in a tube station, around the perimeter of a football pitch, in shop windows or emblazoned on the sides of buildings at high-traffic locations like Piccadilly Circus or New York’s Times Square.

Menus – fast food restaurants use digital signage to display their menus. They not only look good, they’re also easy for customers to read and are simple to update if there are any menu or price changes.

Welcome messaging – many companies use digital signage in their reception areas to welcome visitors. When the signs are not needed for information or company messaging, they can display the news and weather to give visitors something to look at as they wait.

To get attention – if your company is attending a trade show or exhibition, digital signage can grab the attention of passing visitors and give them enough information about your brand to encourage them to come over to find out more.

Digital signage can impact your company and show its return on investment in no time. Please contact one of our specialists today to discuss how us on 01462 457886 or email

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