5 steps to having better video meetings

5 steps to having better video meetings

5 Jul 2022 Audio & Visual Interactive Technology Room Management Technology
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Have you heard of the ‘two pizza rule?’. The concept, created by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, proposes that you should never have a meeting where two pizzas couldn’t feed the entire room. The smaller the meeting audience, the more productive it can be.

There’s no doubt that video meetings are here to stay. The benefits of connecting with people from across the globe from your living room has opened up a world of possibilities. As a result of the pandemic, some of the instant benefits that we witnessed included talent pools increasing overnight and home life/work-life becoming more balanced.

With over 55 million meetings happening every week in the US alone and an estimated 53% including someone joining remotely. It’s important for organisations to ensure they are creating the best environment to have truly productive video meetings.

Here are our top 5 tips to improve your companies video meetings for more productive outcomes:

1 – Ask yourself whether you need the meeting

Over 37% of employees stated that unproductive meetings are the highest cost to their business. With over $24 billion wasted in terms of productive hours lost. Before you schedule a meeting, ask yourself whether you need to actually have the meeting. Or whether an email would suffice and reduce that lost time.

2 – Have the right technology

Investing in the right technology is one of the most critical elements in having a great video meeting. Make sure that you do an audit of your current meeting room solutions and the spaces you need to enable for video. Good quality cameras and speakers are a given for delivering better meetings but it’s also important to consider how will your users share content. What platform will they join? Is it just one or do you need to ensure that people can easily access multi-platforms? Check out the solutions that Lewcon AV offer for the meeting space.

3 – Insist on having an agenda for each meeting

A recent study found that 71% of respondents felt that the time they spent in meetings was unproductive. So what steps can you take to ensure every meeting is productive? Having an agenda for every meeting is a great way to ensure that everyone stays on track and is working toward a common goal. An agenda doesn’t have to be lengthy, just a couple of bullet points to keep the meeting on track and maximise everyone’s time.

4 – What’s your video meeting culture

It’s important to consider what you and your teams want your video meeting culture to be. Key questions to ask include:
Do you want to have a video on or video off policy?
Background noise can be really distracting, so should mute when not speaking be standard practice?
Do you agree on the length of time that’s acceptable to wait before you leave the meeting if people don’t show up?
Should there be a ‘Don’t multi-task’ during meetings?

5 – Follow up

Continue your success outside of the physical meeting and ensure that meeting notes are captured and shared for follow-up. Consider utilising collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams or Google Workspace to capture meeting notes in real-time during the meeting. So that everyone has a clear understanding of post-meeting actions.

We hope you have enjoyed our top tips and feel that they have been valuable. Find out more about our solutions for video collaboration here.

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