Your boardroom is the place you do business. It’s the room where you’re most likely to meet with current clients and potential future clients.

Whether you’re meeting with a client or supplier, asking a job applicant to do a presentation, or presenting to your staff, you need to look professional, in control and well prepared. That is why companies opt to invest in AV technology that is easy to use, works seamlessly and looks impressive.

We’ve all been there, wasting time at the beginning of meetings while someone tries to work out how to connect their laptop to the AV, fumbles for the right lead, and drapes power cords across the table and across the room, causing an unsightly trip hazard. How many times have you sat in the boardroom making small talk while someone is on the phone trying to track down the person who knows what to do? How many times have you given up waiting and just huddled together so everyone can see the laptop, even though there’s a perfectly good TV screen on the wall?

Not exactly impressive.

Efficiency and speed

That’s why, if you’re going to install good AV technology anywhere, the boardroom is the best place for it. With wireless technology, you can bypass the need to have the right lead available – you just log in to the WiFi, connect your devices, and off you go.

It might also be time to replace your boardroom table with one that has electrical sockets discreetly hidden in the middle. This will enable laptops and other equipment to be plugged in without risking giving your health & safety representative something to complain about!

Video conferencing 

Companies can potentially save a lot of money by installing the latest video-conferencing technology. With uninterrupted broadcasting and excellent sound and vision quality, video conferencing means  meetings can be held as effectively remotely as they would be face-to-face. Think of how much time your staff will save by not having to do so much travelling and how much money that translates to in terms of paying for mileage or train/plane tickets, subsistence allowances, hotel accommodation and lost working time. Good quality video conferencing technology could offer a huge return on investment in the longer term.

Technology allows many people in multiple locations to join the meeting from anywhere in the world, making communicating with international clients and suppliers quick and easy, while also reducing opportunities for the misunderstandings that sometimes occur with email correspondence.

Video conferencing also enables your staff to work  flexibly by dialling in to meetings via video conferencing when they are not in the office. This ensures that your entire team continues to communicate well with each other even if they are not all working on-site. Flexible working has been shown to benefit companies in terms of employee satisfaction and retention, and increase productivity and reduce absenteeism. A flexible working policy enables your company to expand and take on new staff without the need to move to larger premises.

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