March 2021 marked one of the most dramatic shifts for the global workforce since the industrial revolution. According to the Office for National Statistics, the percentage of people working from home in the UK doubled in 2020, growing from 12.4% to 25.9% as lockdown gripped the country, forcing us to challenge the status of home / work life balance.

We started to adjust to the ‘new norm’, advantages started to emerge. The struggle of the daily commute evaporated and being home for bath time became a regular occurrence. As the perks of working from home accelerated, a common train of thought centred around the concept of flexible working for the foreseeable future.

As we now approach the 2-year milestone of the pandemic and organisations start to welcome their staff back into the office, employers face a new challenge accommodating the rise in demands for flexibility when it comes to where you work.

Hybrid working is here to stay but does the expectation of hybrid working meet the reality and what are the key considerations to creating a productive hybrid working environments?

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Expectation 1 – There will be an improvement to my work/home life balance

Eliminating the daily commute led to many of us thinking we would have more time for leisure activities but quite often the reality of being remote is hours of back-to-back video calls with no downtime.

Microsoft Teams have introduced several new features over the last few months, all designed to increase video meeting productivity.

These include:
Find a meeting recording based on what was said with Microsoft Search. …
Lock a meeting from additional joins. …
Slide translate in PowerPoint Live in Teams.
Teams Meetings Auto Recording. …
Paging on Video Gallery. …
Organisation-wide backgrounds. …
End user Real-time telemetry for meetings.

Find out more about these features here:

Using these features will enable you and your teams to be more productive and achieve a healthier balance when it comes to working remotely.

hybrid working expectation versus reality

Expectation 2 – There will be a seamless transition between office and home

As the number of people returning to the office, for at least part of their working week continues to increase, the expectation for teams is that the experience during in-person meetings will be the same as remote. Delivering meeting equality for all is critical for organisations to keep teams engaged and effective.

According to a recent Research and Markets report, there are now more than 32.4M huddle space rooms globally and only 3% of them are enabled for video. Ensuring that meeting rooms are equipped for video to with remote meeting participants to create a seamless experience as people move from home into the office and back again.

Video collaboration leaders Logitech have a range of options designed to enhance modern meetings, regardless of whether you are attending in the room or remotely.

With the perfect solution for every space, Logitech’s advanced conferencing solutions enables teams to talk, share files and screens and collaborate effectively.
Try out their video room wizard to find the perfect solution for every home office or workspace.

The post-pandemic reality is that hybrid working is here for the foreseeable future. Organisations must ensure that their employees are fully equipped to operate effectively, from home, from the coffee shop or from the office. Choosing the right technology to enable this should be a key consideration for any hybrid working strategy.

Talk to the team at Lewcon to define the perfect hybrid working solutions for your business and make your teams instantly more productive.

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March 2021 marked one of the most dramatic shifts for the global workforce since the industrial revolution. According to the Office for National Statistics, the percentage of people working from home in the UK doubled in 2020

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