The best presentations are usually the ones that engage the audience, make them feel a part of the presentation and give something memorable that people will take away with them.

One of the best ways to get your audience to stay focused is to make them feel like they’re a part of your presentation. However good your presentation nearly everyone’s attention will drift at some point, and it can happen after as little as 10 minutes. There are tried and tested ways of keeping people’s attention: by using icebreakers, telling stories and anecdotes, showing videos, asking questions to interact with your audience, and using a live poll to find out what questions they want answered. This way every member of the audience is more likely to focus, feel they have participated and made a contribution to the presentation.

What difference does an interactive screen make?

An interactive screen can take audience engagement and participation to the next level – the more you can grab their attention and get them to interact, the better your presentation.

Interactive screens are intuitive and easy to use by touch or by using an interactive pen. In addition, the visual clarity of interactive screens are excellent due to the LED display. They can facilitate stronger communication and collaboration between you and your audience. They allow everyone to participate and you can all brainstorm ideas together. Thanks to cloud connectivity, the interactive screen can allow everyone to edit and annotate shared documents in real time. A massive advantage is that they allow people to use different devices to access the documents in real time. All annotations and edits will be saved in a central location and will be visible to everyone in the presentation even if they cannot physically be in the room.

A fantastic way to involve home workers

The traditional way of working in an office is increasingly being replaced with more and more people working from home or other remote locations. In fact, it is estimated that over 50% of the global workforce now work from home. Solutions made possible by advances in interactive technology, such as Avocor, are making it increasingly easy for people to interact with each other. All of this is especially important if there are participants dialing in from home or from other remote locations. Being able to see, hear and participate fully in the presentation is essential.

Non-linear presentation

Interactive screens support the latest concept of non-linear presenting. In effect this means that instead of going through each slide one after another in order, the idea is that you can jump around between ideas and themes. You can let your audience drive the presentation by choosing which topics they want to focus on. This way your audience will get a presentation based on their interests, which they will appreciate and remember more easily.

For more information on interactive screens and how they can change the way you present, get in touch!

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