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How to ensure that your video conferencing equipment means business

30 Jun 2020 Audio & Visual Interactive Technology
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Three months of lockdown in the UK has seen remote working on a large scale. Whilst some businesses are preparing to return to work, the likelihood of going back to the same working environment is slight. Employees who were forced to work from home from the end of March have now become remote-working savvy and are enjoying the better work life balance that comes with no commuting and more time spent at home. So it will be understandable that even when lockdown restrictions are lifted further, a large number of employees will choose to work flexibly with more time spent working from home.

Time to be sleeker on your Web conferencing applications

Of course, the remote working exodus came with its own challenges. Many people found that they had to throw together a remote IT system that would enable them to connect remotely and access company files. Virtual meetings and video conferencing became the new normal from Day One but not everybody had the correct equipment to dial in to the meetings, so they would end up conducting client meetings with their smartphone applications. Now, three months on, the time has come to fine tune video your conferencing equipment and replace smartphones and tablets with a more permanent solution to ensure that remote working can continue, but to a higher, more efficient standard that’s in line with company ethos.

Upgrading your equipment

For the time being, face to face meetings are on hold. Investing in the right technology is key to ensuring that good quality communication is kept for your normal working environment and all of your virtual meetings. Most of the audio and video equipment on an open platform basis will work alongside your web conferencing applications, whether it be Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex and more. Spending a little now on your video conferencing setup will be one of the best investments you can make as increasingly, businesses will be judged by their ability to wow and dazzle prospective clients in a virtual setting. The good news is that it doesn’t have to cost the earth either. There are several cost-effective web conferencing solutions available for individuals and businesses which can be installed easily and will enable you to present yourself and your company in a more professional way. You will also find that your internal team meetings will become more collaborative and more engaging as those days of bad quality audio and fuzzy video will be gone.

Technology for everyone

Different products will be more suited to different users. The most important thing will be to have the correct equipment to enable you to have the same quality wherever you choose to work from. From all in one systems with HD voice and 4K quality from brands like Logitech, Huddly and AMX which provide perfect individual meeting technology. For your internal offices higher specification solutions like Polycom, Cisco and Vaddio to ensure you set the standard. One of the latest Polycom additions comes with Zoom Rooms built in and interactive touch panel screens, which will be ideal for businesses to use in small huddle spaces or standard meeting rooms. Once people move to the next step and begin to work from the office again you will need to be ready to hit the ground running with hosting meetings for internal employees, external clients and remote workers.

Working with our technology partners, the team at Lewcon is experienced and skilled in the design and integration of AV systems for individuals and businesses. From single cameras to full web conferencing systems, we can advise you on the best solution for your needs. Get in touch with us or pop into our showroom and we will be happy to help.

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