The importance of room booking tools for effective hybrid working environments

4 Apr 2023 Collaboration
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Room booking tools are essential for effective hybrid working environments because they allow employees to easily reserve and schedule meeting spaces, ensuring they have access to the necessary resources and technology to collaborate with in-person and remote colleagues. This helps to optimise productivity, minimise scheduling conflicts, and create a more seamless and efficient work experience for all employees. Additionally, these tools can provide valuable data insights into how meeting spaces are utilised, which can inform future workplace design and resource allocation decisions.

Where do room booking devices work best?

Room booking devices work best in offices, conference rooms, classrooms, and other shared spaces where scheduling and managing reservations is essential. They can be beneficial in high-traffic areas or environments where multiple people need access to the same space.

Five benefits of room booking devices

  1. Improved efficiency: Room booking devices can help organisations to optimise their room usage and avoid double-bookings or underutilised spaces. This can lead to better use of resources and increased productivity.
  2. Ease of use: Book a room quickly and easily with a room booking device, without manual processes or complex scheduling systems.
  3. Real-time updates: A room booking device provides real-time updates on room availability and scheduling changes, which can help to avoid confusion and delays.
  4. Cost savings: By optimising room usage, organisations can save on costs associated with underutilised spaces and unnecessary maintenance.
  5. Enhanced user experience: Room booking devices can improve the user experience by providing a simple and streamlined booking process, reducing frustration and confusion for employees and guests.

    Lewcon offers a range of room booking solutions from leading brands, including Crestron, Evoko and Go Bright, all of which enable room usage to be controlled centrally and managed effectively.

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