Digital signage is being adopted by advertisers and retailers who want to provide creative solutions to attract customers. Digital signage enables companies to inform and entertain their clients and customers with information about new products, restaurant menus, special offers, live news and weather streaming etc.

The technology enables users to use split screens enabling them to show company videos or live streaming at the same time as putting up information about products, special offers, company news etc.

We’ve been taking a look at how some companies are using digital signage to help build brand trust and loyalty at the same time as increasing sales.

Making queuing less boring

We Brits may well be well versed in the art of queuing, but that doesn’t mean to say we enjoy it! The diversions offered by digital signage can help take people’s minds off how long they’ve been standing there, and stop them moaning to each other about it. The extraordinary popularity of the Walt Disney World theme park has resulted in incredibly long queues of people waiting for the rides, and digital signage has come into its own in providing ways of entertaining people as they wait in line, including providing them with augmented reality experiences. Signage is also used as a way of providing information about waiting times, as well as opportunities to give them more information about what else is going on in the park.

Increasing sales

When a natural food store in the United States installed digital signage last year, it led to a 10% increase in café food sales. Thanks to the ability of digital signage to be updated instantly with menu options, brand information, special offers, targeted messaging, local news/weather/sport, and the opportunity to play TV programmes, staff in each store use the screens to suit their needs at any given time. This has encouraged people to spend more time in the in-store cafés with a resulting increase in spend.

Engaging museum visitors

NASA has begun using digital signage as part of their education and outreach programme, to show the public what life is like on the International Space Station (ISS), in a project known as StationLIFE. Live feeds to permanent exhibitions at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum, as well as temporary exhibitions in other science museums throughout the country, are able to give visitors a real-time glimpse into what is happening onboard the ISS in terms of experiments as well as the life of an astronaut. The signage can be changed to show live streaming from the station, live Tweets posted by the astronauts onboard, maps tracking its current location, as well as information about other NASA missions and experiments, including live feeds of NASA rocket launches.

New product information

If you have a new product, using digital signage in shops can benefit customers in terms of information, education and ‘how to use’ videos. In many US states, cannabis has been legalised, leading to a massive influx of retail outlets selling many different types and strengths of products. Digital signage has become a vital element in these stores, educating customers about the pros and cons of cannabis, its effects on health, as well as how to use it. Digital signage can also be used as menu boards to show products on sale, with information about ingredients. Stores that are using digital signage in this way are also demonstrating they are a trustworthy retailer which, with a product with such a murky past, is a vital tool when attracting new customers.

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