Display screens – why?

With an ever-increasing number of products and services on the market, you need to find innovative ways to stand out in a crowded market. On top of this, consumers like to do their own research: they want to find out detailed information about products and services and how they work, and they will often buy off the back of a high number of positive testimonials. Buying is now not just a transaction, it’s an experience; the more captivating and informative that experience is, the more likely consumers will repeatedly buy your products and services.

Create and display captivating and informative messages

For most businesses, wall space for any type of signage is at a premium. Although static signage can only display one thing, digital signage can constantly change, enabling you to show as many messages as you need to. Strategically placed, display screens can make a big difference to your profits.

If your store or restaurant has digital signage on the outside of the building or in the shop window, then you can change it whenever you need to; and the more captivating it is the more it is likely to draw customers into the shop.

As people shop, they tend to be focused on what they are doing; most people do not like to feel pressured into buying by a sales assistant and they may wish to browse at their leisure. If you have static signage such as a poster, however striking it is, it will be limited on the amount of marketing information displayed.

Display screens can change all of this. You can use music to grab people’s attention, create moving captions to draw in the eye, have TV streaming and news feeds, run interesting videos and animations, and display content to inform and demonstrate how products work while, at the same time, making it an engaging and entertaining experience.

You can highlight different products and services at different times of the day. A good example is if you run a restaurant; you will be able to advertise your lunchtime menu in the morning and switch to the evening menu later in the day.

Digital signage also allows you to test out ideas you might not otherwise have had the budget or confidence to. If you find that a particular marketing message doesn’t work, then you can change it immediately and faster than you could if you had static signage.

You can promote complementary products or even a package deal. You can also display those all-important testimonials and show people how to connect with you on social media.

Digital signage creates a non-pressurised, entertaining way to connect with your customers and clients. If you get a reputation for creating captivating content then customers are not only more likely to come back and buy from you again, they are also likely to tell all their family and friends about your products and services.

Create a second income stream through third-party advertising

Another way to use your digital signage is to sell advertising space on your signage to third-party, non-competing rivals who sell products and services that complement your own. By advertising your own products and services next to theirs, you will maximise the use of your digital signage so that it is constantly working for you … and increasing all your profits!

For more information regarding digital signage and what it can do for your businesses profits, get in touch! 

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