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Whether you need a one-to-one meeting with a client or remote-working colleague or want to organise a meeting with people who are scattered all over the world, video conferencing is the easiest and most cost-effective way.

By eliminating any need for travelling, video conferencing equipment will save everyone the time and expense of getting to meetings involves, meaning it is more likely that you will find a time that suits everyone sooner rather than later. Excellent sound and picture quality enhance communication and collaboration, making installation of video conferencing facilities good business sense with a great return on your investment.

Video conference technologies


Video conferencing is far more effective than audio conferencing, principally because you can see who is talking, and how people react to what is being said. Video conferencing works across all devices, so you will not need to be physically confined to a meeting room. Participants will be able to join the meeting on their phones, tablets, or at their desks, so no one gets left out just because they’re on a train or working from home. This kind of flexibility enables greater collaboration as more people will be available to join your meeting, even if you’re trying to arrange it at very short notice.

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Smart Technology

With video conferencing equipment capable of facial and voice recognition, the camera and microphone will pick up whoever’s talking, enabling everyone to see and hear them clearly.

For meeting rooms, a range of microphones are available, such as tabletop, ceiling mounted and wireless, each giving high-quality audio during the meeting. We will also install speakers throughout the room to distribute the audio evenly

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